*No project promotion inquiries. WITS' END does not accept physical mail or pdf versions of comics. Do not ask.*

Where can I find you?

Keep an eye out for updates on the WITS' END website, YouTube channel & Twitter page:

-Website (for podcasts, videos, write-ups & updates): https://witsendpod.com

-YouTube channel (@witsendpod): https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCwvSur7b4J_U3gMIA44OGWQ

-Twitter: @witsendpod

Do you ship outside of the US?

WITS' END stopped shipping outside of the US due to high shipping costs (It cost between $23-27 USD to ship a single comic). The cost made it unsustainable to a) ship internationally and b) ask customers to pay the fees.

Due to customer inquiries, international orders are open again. Shipping prices are still high. However, if the price feels daunting, feel free to send an email through the contact form and we can work something out that works for you.

Can I carry your book(s) in my store?

US and international shops/distributors may definitely reach out if they're interested in carrying comix or zines.

(FAQ updated 2023.)